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3 Crucial Reasons Your Child Should See a Dentist Early On

Posted on September 29, 2020

Young girl smiling with a red flower in her hair.

Experts recommend visiting the dentist within the first six months after the patient’s first teeth erupt. These early dental visits can play a substantial role in their overall oral health to establish good oral hygiene habits.

Research shows that untreated tooth decay in milk teeth (or baby teeth) is one of the top ten most prevalent tooth conditions globally. Keep reading to find out why you should take your child to see a dentist as soon as possible.

You Can Learn About Early Dental Care

The first visit to the dentist will help you as a parent learn about problems like baby bottle tooth decay. Your dentist will help you understand the feeding patterns of your child, pacifiers, finger sucking habits, and the teething phase. Furthermore, the pediatric dentist will recommend dental care practices that are fit for your child.

You can ask the dentist all questions you have concerning your child’s dental health. It is reassuring to have your questions answered by a professional and have proper guidance on oral health.

You Discover Signs of Abnormality Early

A problem that is diagnosed early is often easier to treat. If your child has any problem with their teeth, gums, or jaw, it’s better to find out sooner rather than later. Scheduling these early visits with your dentist can allow them to diagnose the problem and advise you on the best way to treat it — whether that may include visits to an orthodontist later on or other treatments that can be performed early on.

Overbite, spacing problems, underbite, and open bites are some of the problems that children commonly encounter. If your dentist feels that a visit to the orthodontist may be in order, it’s possible that they might recommend braces for your child to treat an overbite or for straight teeth. While this isn’t a conversation you’re likely to have during your child’s very first dental visit, it’s something to keep in mind over the next few years.

Most parents often disregard taking their child to the dentist early as they assume that decay in baby teeth doesn’t matter very much. However, the permanent teeth start to grow together with the milk teeth. Early visits to the dentist help examine the visible milk teeth as well as the hidden permanent teeth.

You Can Facilitate Your Child’s Comfort

Your child’s first dental visit does not have to be entirely about checking for oral problems. Rather, it can be about building a relationship and helping your child feel comfortable. Research shows that children who wait to see a dentist when they have tooth decay or cavities are likely to be very fearful of the experience.

Your child’s initial visits to the dentist can be about getting familiar with the dentist’s equipment. Help your child feel comfortable and eliminate the fear that comes with visiting the dentist. After your first visit, your child should visit the dentist every six months. As such, there will be a bond formed between the dentist and your child. Should there be a need for an oral procedure later on, like fitting braces, your child will be comfortable around the dentist or orthodontist. This can make the entire process go more smoothly and eliminate fear surrounding cavity fillings, braces treatments, and more.

Final Word

Oral health is not just about straight teeth. The sooner you take your child to see a dentist, the healthier they will be for the rest of their lives. A child with healthy teeth chews food with ease, smiles confidently, and learns to pronounce words well. If you are looking family-friendly kids dental and orthodontic services in Florida, contact Jacaranda Smiles today.

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