Why Some Kids Need Braces Earlier Than Others

Why Some Kids Need Braces Earlier Than Others

Why do some kids need orthodontic treatment at a younger age than others?

Lets imagine the leaning tower of Pisa being built. If the builders had noticed the tower leaning at an early stage, do you think they would have tried to straighten it up at that point or would they have carried on? The answer is – it depends. It depends on how far it was leaning over at the early stage. It is the same with your child. If the growth and development of your child is only mildly off the normal range while they are young, you can afford to wait till he/she is fully developed before you consider orthodontic treatment.

If however your child’s development is not within the normal range at a young age, you do not want to wait till he/she is fully grown before you address the issue- this is the tower leaning too far in the early stages. So in this case, the child may need a Phase I treatment early on to bring them into a normal range. These children tend to be in the 7-10 age range. These kids may still need regular orthodontic treatment later (Phase II), however their prognosis of a fabulous result is now at the maximum. So in conclusion, do you want to repair a tower that is leaning slightly or one that has a severe tilt?

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