Childrens Dentistry

Don’t just take our word for it! See what our patients are saying about Jacaranda Smiles. read the patient reviews below or watch the patient testimonial videos!

“Dear Dr. Khakhria, I just received my before and after pictures! I was so shocked at the transformation. It is truly amazing and my teeth look great. I am no longer self-conscious of showing my teeth off! Thank you so much for giving me a beautiful smile! :)”
~Isabella K.

“Very happy with my experience. I love my new smile. The process was painful at first, but it got better and did not bother me at all.”
~Micah C.

“This office is the best office ever-and the nicest!”

“Dr. Khakhria was very helpful and helped me get nice teeth. I would recommend him to anyone that is thinking of getting braces.”
~India R.

“My experience at Jacaranda Smiles has been wonderful. The staff is super welcoming and very nice. I am very happy with the outcome of my teeth.”
~Avery R.

“When I first got my braces, they hurt. But every visit after was better and faster than I expected. I got them off a lot faster than I thought I would.”
~Emily F.

“All the people here are very nice and my experience was great. After wearing my braces for a year, I love my teeth.”
~Victoria D.A.

“The staff is excellent and great to work with. Wearing braces was a great experience and the results were worth it.”
~Thomas H.

~Nicholas G.

“I really enjoyed my experience at Jacaranda Smiles. All of the staff is very friendly and they want to help you out as much as they can. I am happy to have picked this place for my orthodontics.”
~Blake M.

“I love my teeth, and now I recommend braces by Dr. Khakhria to everyone.”
~Samantha O.

“Excellent service with excellent employees and doctors. It has been a pleasure bringing my daughter here. Everyone is wonderful and her teeth look great! Thank you Dr. Khakhria and team!”
~Amani B. and mom

“An enjoyable experience and everyone has been super nice! Thank you.”
~Skylar O.

“Overall, it was a great experience being a patient at Jacaranda Smiles. Dr. Khakhria’s knowledge was instrumental in getting excellent care. Thank you!”
~Gerardo V.

“Wonderful service starting from front desk to financial dept. My daughter and I loved it.”
~Gabriela F.

“They always make you feel like family. My son got his braces on in December and it was a great experience.”
~Guy E.

“Excellent doctor, excellent assistants and very friendly front desk staff. Everyone makes you feel comfortable.”
~Maria H.

“My experience at Jacaranda Smiles was great! Everyone took care of me through my journey with braces and now I love my smile! Thank you to Dr. Khakhria and everyone at Jacaranda Smiles!”
~Serena B.
“I had an amazing experience! It was worth having braces, especially that now my teeth are straight and beautiful. I am super happy with the results and how
amazing I was treated. The doctors are respectful and very caring.”
~Morgan S.