Pediatric Dentist in Plantation | Getting Toddlers to Brush

Teeth brushing should be introduced to your child as soon as their first teeth appear. During the toddler years, your child will have most or all of their teeth. At that time it becomes crucial that they start brushing on a daily basis. However, it can be hard getting your child to brush every day, especially when they are toddlers. The following are some tips to help your toddlers get brushing and avoid unpleasant visits to your pediatric dentist in Plantation.

7 Effective Brushing Tips for Toddlers

Show and Tell – Let your child see you brushing your teeth. Show them that it is a pleasant experience – the more animated and silly you are the better! Also, tell them how important it is as you start and finish the process.

Make Brushing Fun – Try turning teeth brushing into pretend play! Make believe that you need to get all of the sugar monsters off.

Choose a Fun Powered Toothbrush – A battery powered kids toothbrush is great because the toothbrush resembles a fun, interactive toy. Of course, the vibrating motion will help do a much better job of brushing than the old-fashioned way, also. Overall, this should make brushing an intriguing and fun experience for your child. If he or she is surprised by the vibration, try taking turns with it to show them that it just “tickles” the teeth as it cleans.

The Right Toothpaste – Check with your dentist to see if they recommend a toothpaste with fluoride or without. A small dab of a more mild-tasting toothpaste should do the trick.

Encourage Playful Technique – Ask for a “Grrr!” from your child to get the front teeth brushed, and then a loud “Rawrrr!” to get your toddler to reach the back molars. Remember that if your child only gets the toothbrush in for just a moment, it is ok. Keep trying every night to get the process routine and to get better brushing happening.

Rewards – Try using positive reinforcement when your child has a successful brushing session. Remember not to think in terms of edible treats here, but rather simple alternatives such as giving them a sticker, or a special privilege.

Make It Routine – Young kids thrive on schedules and routines. Make sure to be consistent and brush their teeth at last two times a day. One time should be just before bed.

Need Extra Care from a Pediatric Dentist in Plantation?

Persistence and commitment are key when developing good oral care habits at home with your toddler. However, remember to also book them regular check-ups at their pediatric dentist in Plantation in order to reinforce those habits and stay on top of your toddler’s oral health. Unlike a typical dentist office, Jacaranda Smiles specializes in the unique needs of each child. Contact us today to help your child achieve the best smile possible!

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