Florida Dentists | What Can Teeth Tell About a Person?

If your teeth could talk, they would have a lot to say. Although they can’t actually talk, they can give an awful lot of information about you to Florida dentists.

Teeth are like fingerprints, with every set being unique. They can convey a long list of various facts all combined together to paint a picture of the person they belong to. Here is some information on what teeth can tell us.

3 Things Teeth Say About You

Your age – Your front teeth, known as central incisors, can show how old you are. Younger people and children have more rectangular central incisors with rounded corners. An older person will have shorter central incisors with square corners.

Habits formed – Small chips or cracks on teeth, as well as uneven tips of teeth, are apparent signs of nail biting. In children, protruding front teeth and an uneven bite show that a thumb sucking habit has formed.

Certain conditions or illness – The state of your oral health is very closely tied to the rest of your physical health, with may conditions becoming apparent in the mouth. For example, if teeth look healthy while a patient is experiencing pain in their upper teeth, this is can mean they are experiencing a sinus infection. Additionally, weak tooth enamel, mouth sores, and changes in tongue texture can mean there is a vitamin deficiency.

Let Florida Dentists Tell You More About Your Teeth!

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