Silver Diamine Fluoride in Pembroke Pines

The FDA recently approved SDF (Silver diamine fluoride) for use as a tooth desensitizer. Studies have shown it also has the ability to slow or to stop tooth decay from spreading. This product has great potential for our pediatric patients that cannot cope with traditional fillings due to severe anxiety or disability. SDF is an anti-microbial liquid that has been used safely in many other countries for extended periods. Coating the carious area take about 30 seconds and can be done without the need of anesthesia or using a dental drill, At the very least, this option gives a chance to bring the decay to a standstill while arrangements are made to completed address the compromised tooth/teeth. Please understand, this is a 2nd line of treatment. The first line of treatment is always going to be removing any decay and rebuilding the tooth to its full strength.


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