Kids Care Dental in Plantation | Choosing the Right Toothpaste

When it comes to developing oral health habits early on, it is important to choose the right toothpaste for your child. Choosing the right toothpaste will help to encourage good brushing habits for your child as well as provide them with oral health benefits. Consider these tips for kids care dental in Plantation to choose the best toothpaste for your little one.

Fluoride Content

Fluoride is an organic compound that keeps tooth enamel strong. This is especially important for baby teeth to avoid decay and to stay strong. Look for toothpaste with fluoride in it to help your child avoid cavities and keep their teeth strong and healthy.

ADA Seal

When looking at the many options of children’s toothpaste, be sure to look for the ADA Seal of Acceptance. This seal indicates that the product is safe and effective for your family. Additionally, it is a product approved by the ADA and the scientific claims made on the label are valid and consistent.

Experiment with Flavors

Today, children’s toothpaste comes in a variety of fun flavors from bubble gum to strawberry. Let your child choose their favorite flavors and see which one they like best. In doing this, your child will likely look forward to brushing their teeth with a tasty toothpaste that is safe and effective.

Ask for a Recommendation from Kids Care Dental in Plantation

Choosing the right toothpaste is one of the many aspects that contribute to your child’s oral health. If you need help finding the right toothpaste for your child, ask the experts of kids care dental in Plantation. Contact Jacaranda Smiles for the best oral care and recommendations for your child.

Pediatric Dentist in Plantation | Your Child’s First Dental Visit

If you have a baby or toddler at home, you might be wondering when you should start introducing an oral hygiene routine, or when your child should start going to the Dentist. Here are a few things you should know about your child’s first dental visit! For more information, contact our Pediatric Dentist in Plantation.


When Should My Child First Visit the Dentist?

Your child should attend their first dentist appointment when their first tooth appears, or right around their first birthday. A pediatric dentist will be able to identify any potential issues with your child’s teeth, jaw, and palate. Baby teeth are more susceptible to decay than adult teeth, so early intervention is crucial to the health of your child’s teeth.


Introduce Your Child to an Oral Hygiene Routine Early

The earlier you introduce your child to oral hygiene, the better. Introduce them to brushing, and get them acquainted with a routine as soon as their first tooth comes in.

Are you looking for a Pediatric Dentist in Plantation

It is recommended you bring your baby to a dentist when they turn a year old, or when their first tooth comes in. In doing this, you are making sure your child’s mouth is healthy. Additionally, you are helping your child develop a healthy relationship with a dentist. This can help them become comfortable with dental procedures in the future. For a children’s dentist in Plantation, contact Jacaranda Smiles. By bringing your little one into the dentist early on, you are setting them up for a lifetime of oral health.

Pediatric Dentist in Plantation | Getting Your Kids to Brush

Bedtime can be a stressful enough time at night with kids. The entire getting ready for bed process can be long and tedious. The last thing you need is to have your kid or kids fighting you to brush their teeth. Let’s take a look at some of the things that you can do to get your kids to brush their teeth from a pediatric dentist in Plantation.

Reward Them

Set up some sort of chart or rewards system to encourage your children to brush their teeth on their own without having to be asked. Every time they brush their teeth without causing a fuss give them a sticker. After they obtain a certain number of stickers determined by you, they get a reward.

Make It Fun

Kids and adults should brush their teeth for two minutes. Since you both know that they have to spend two minutes brushing their teeth, why not make it a fun two-minute experience. Play some music and let them have some fun and enjoy brushing their teeth. When the music stops, they can stop brushing.

Let them Participate

If your kids are young enough still that you have to help with the teeth brushing, let them participate and help in the procedure. Let them get the toothbrush and toothpaste. Let them hold your hand and brush with you.

Are You Looking for a Pediatric Dentist in Plantation?

When it comes time for your kids to come in for a cleaning, come see us at Jacaranda Smiles. Contact us today to learn more or to schedule an appointment.

Children’s Dentist in Plantation | 3 Tips for New Parents

Whether you are expecting a new member of your family, or already have a baby, you may have questions about how to take care of little teeth. Infant oral care is essential to help your child have a lifetime of healthy teeth. To get your baby on the right track, here are tips from a children’s dentist in Plantation for new parents.

#1 Establish a Routine

Even if no teeth have come in, it is essential to establish an oral health care routine for your baby. Keep your little one’s mouth clean by gently rubbing their gums with a damp cloth or soft baby toothbrush. This can help remove bacteria and avoid early childhood dental caries.

#2 Introduce a Healthy Diet

A healthy diet is essential to help your baby grow and keep their mouths healthy. Keep in mind that your baby may start eating solid foods before their first tooth comes in. It is important to make sure these solid foods are gentle in their mouths and provide nutrients. Try foods such as sweet potatoes that are soft and rich in vitamins. Foods such as these can assist in helping babies transition to solid food.

#3 Visit a Children’S Dentist In PLANTATION Early

It is recommended you bring your baby to a dentist when they turn a year old, or when their first tooth comes in. In doing this, you are making sure your child’s mouth is healthy. Additionally, you are helping your child develop a healthy relationship with a dentist. This can help them become comfortable with dental procedures in the future. For a children’s dentist in Plantation, contact Jacaranda Smiles. By bringing your little one into the dentist early on, you are setting them up for a lifetime of oral health.



Orthodontist in Plantation | When Should My Child See an Orthodontist?

As a parent, you probably have a lot of questions regarding your child’s oral and overall health. And chances are that one of these questions is ‘when should my child see an orthodontist in Plantation?’. Keep reading for the answer!

When Should My Child See an Orthodontist?

While every child is different, the American Association of Orthodontists recommends that children go to their first orthodontic appointment no later than age 7. By going to an orthodontist in Plantation at such a young age, any orthodontic issues can be caught early – and it’s always better to be early than late when it comes to orthodontic treatments.

That being said, you should still always take your child to an orthodontist in Plantation as soon as you spot any of the following problems:

  • Baby teeth are lost too early or late (most baby teeth should be lost between the ages of 5 and 14).
  • Thumb sucking that is either excessive or continues past age 4.
  • Teeth that protrude or don’t bite properly.
  • Speech impediments such as a lisp, mispronunciation, or slurring.
  • Crowded adult front teeth.

Where Can I Find the Best Orthodontist in Plantation?

If it’s time to take your child to the orthodontist, it’s crucial to take them only to the best. Luckily, you can find the best orthodontist in Plantation right here at Jacaranda Smiles! No matter if your child is 7, 17, or even 77, Dr. Khakhria can help your child achieve a beautiful, healthy, and straight smile. Contact our orthodontic team to request a consultation today.

Kids Dental Care in Plantation | A Guide to Baby Dental Health

When you have a baby, there can be a lot to keep up with in terms of their health and well-being. However, if you have a newborn or young child, it is important to not let their dental health fall by the wayside. Brush up on what to keep in mind for kids dental care in Plantation here!

Ages 0-6 Months

At these early stages of oral care, you can use gauze or a finger brush to wipe your baby’s gums, even if no teeth are present. Baby teeth can begin to erupt around 6 months of age. When that happens, you might see discoloration or a bruise where a tooth is going to come out. Once a tooth erupts, use a washcloth or baby toothbrush and water to clean it each day.

Ages 6-12 Months

Be sure to visit the dentist within 6 months of your child’s first tooth eruption. Children who go to the dentist by age 1 tend to need fewer fillings than those who wait. By their first birthday, your child may have up to 8 teeth. When there are multiple teeth, watch for teeth with no space between them that need flossing. In the case of discomfort during teething, the gums can be massaged with gauze.

Ages 12-18 Months

Check with your dentist if your child has no erupted teeth by 15 months of age. If he or she has teeth, ask your dentist about using fluoride on your child’s teeth. When it comes to brushing, make it a0 team effort by allowing your child to help you. Also, keep an eye out for signs of teeth grinding.

Get Great Kids Dental Care in Plantation for Your Child

Whether it is baby’s first dental visit or time to get your teenager’s braces off, Jacaranda Smiles offers specialized care for children of all ages and their unique needs. Our team truly loves working with children and will make sure everything possible is done to make your child comfortable during dental visits. Contact our office today to book your child’s next dentist appointment!

Pediatric Dentist in Plantation | Getting Toddlers to Brush

Teeth brushing should be introduced to your child as soon as their first teeth appear. During the toddler years, your child will have most or all of their teeth. At that time it becomes crucial that they start brushing on a daily basis. However, it can be hard getting your child to brush every day, especially when they are toddlers. The following are some tips to help your toddlers get brushing and avoid unpleasant visits to your pediatric dentist in Plantation.

7 Effective Brushing Tips for Toddlers

Show and Tell – Let your child see you brushing your teeth. Show them that it is a pleasant experience – the more animated and silly you are the better! Also, tell them how important it is as you start and finish the process.

Make Brushing Fun – Try turning teeth brushing into pretend play! Make believe that you need to get all of the sugar monsters off.

Choose a Fun Powered Toothbrush – A battery powered kids toothbrush is great because the toothbrush resembles a fun, interactive toy. Of course, the vibrating motion will help do a much better job of brushing than the old-fashioned way, also. Overall, this should make brushing an intriguing and fun experience for your child. If he or she is surprised by the vibration, try taking turns with it to show them that it just “tickles” the teeth as it cleans.

The Right Toothpaste – Check with your dentist to see if they recommend a toothpaste with fluoride or without. A small dab of a more mild-tasting toothpaste should do the trick.

Encourage Playful Technique – Ask for a “Grrr!” from your child to get the front teeth brushed, and then a loud “Rawrrr!” to get your toddler to reach the back molars. Remember that if your child only gets the toothbrush in for just a moment, it is ok. Keep trying every night to get the process routine and to get better brushing happening.

Rewards – Try using positive reinforcement when your child has a successful brushing session. Remember not to think in terms of edible treats here, but rather simple alternatives such as giving them a sticker, or a special privilege.

Make It Routine – Young kids thrive on schedules and routines. Make sure to be consistent and brush their teeth at last two times a day. One time should be just before bed.

Need Extra Care from a Pediatric Dentist in Plantation?

Persistence and commitment are key when developing good oral care habits at home with your toddler. However, remember to also book them regular check-ups at their pediatric dentist in Plantation in order to reinforce those habits and stay on top of your toddler’s oral health. Unlike a typical dentist office, Jacaranda Smiles specializes in the unique needs of each child. Contact us today to help your child achieve the best smile possible!

Pediatric Dentistry in Plantation | Early Dental Concerns

The sooner children begin getting regular dental checkups, the healthier their mouths will stay throughout their lives. Early checkups from your pediatric dentistry in Plantation will prevent cavities and tooth decay that can lead to pain and other oral health issues. However, it also helps to keep an eye out for certain childhood dental issues at home. What should you watch for? Keep reading to find out!

4 Early Childhood Dental Issues:

Baby Bottle Tooth Decay

This is a type of deterioration of the baby teeth that occurs when a young child’s teeth are exposed to sugars too often. Sugars from drinks such as juice, milk, and formula fuel bacteria in the mouth and cause decay. This damage can lead to dental problems later in life, so try giving your baby only a small amount of water if he or she goes to sleep with a bottle.

Thumb Sucking

It’s perfectly acceptable and normal for young infants to suck their thumbs or fingers. However, dental problems can arise if thumb sucking continues past the age of 5. Thumb sucking can cause teeth or jaws to become misaligned and create an overbite.

Tongue Thrusting

This is the action of the tongue being pushed forward against the lips during swallowing. While it may sound harmless, the thrusting motion can throw the front teeth out of alignment, create an overbite, or lead to issues with speech development. A new swallowing method may be taught within a treatment plan from a dentist and a speech pathologist in order to improve the problem.

Early Tooth Loss

Of course, children must lose their baby teeth. However, a variety of issues, such as decay, injury, or inadequate jaw space can cause teeth to be lost too early. During early tooth loss, neighboring teeth can shift. As a result, permanent teeth may come in at an angle. This can then lead to improper chewing and TMJ. To correct early tooth loss, a space maintainer may be suggested by your dentist to hold open space for the lost tooth until a permanent one erupts.

Are You Seeking Pediatric Dentistry in Plantation for an Early Childhood Dental Concern?

At Jacaranda Smiles, we believe each child is special and has specific needs. Our aim is to address those needs fully in order to give them a lifelong, healthy smile. With our high standards of care for our patients and their families, you can expect love, compassion, and respect in a healthy, friendly, and professional environment. Contact our office today to give your child their best smile!

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