Straightening & Whitening Teeth Quickly

Straightening & Whitening Teeth Quickly

One of the questions we get often is how long it takes to straighten or whiten teeth. Straightening or whitening teeth on a time crunch, although not ideal, is a possibility! There are many people like brides, adults who have already had braces, and people with an event date who want something small fixed for their event on a time crunch.

With Dr. Milan Khakhria, this absolutely can be done. Dr. Khakhria can straighten the front teeth within 3 months. This does not mean the treatment is complete, however you can halt the treatment temporarily at a stage that is a lot more esthetic than what you started with.

Remember, those pictures will be around forever and straight front teeth will make a difference! After the honeymoon or event, we can continue the treatment to completion. Whitening can be done a week before the big day. No problem there. Call us today for a free exam!

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