Pediatric Dentistry in Plantation | Early Dental Concerns
Can a pediatric dentistry in Plantation help thumb sucking?

Pediatric Dentistry in Plantation | Early Dental Concerns

The sooner children begin getting regular dental checkups, the healthier their mouths will stay throughout their lives. Early checkups from your pediatric dentistry in Plantation will prevent cavities and tooth decay that can lead to pain and other oral health issues. However, it also helps to keep an eye out for certain childhood dental issues at home. What should you watch for? Keep reading to find out!

4 Early Childhood Dental Issues:

Baby Bottle Tooth Decay

This is a type of deterioration of the baby teeth that occurs when a young child’s teeth are exposed to sugars too often. Sugars from drinks such as juice, milk, and formula fuel bacteria in the mouth and cause decay. This damage can lead to dental problems later in life, so try giving your baby only a small amount of water if he or she goes to sleep with a bottle.

Thumb Sucking

It’s perfectly acceptable and normal for young infants to suck their thumbs or fingers. However, dental problems can arise if thumb sucking continues past the age of 5. Thumb sucking can cause teeth or jaws to become misaligned and create an overbite.

Tongue Thrusting

This is the action of the tongue being pushed forward against the lips during swallowing. While it may sound harmless, the thrusting motion can throw the front teeth out of alignment, create an overbite, or lead to issues with speech development. A new swallowing method may be taught within a treatment plan from a dentist and a speech pathologist in order to improve the problem.

Early Tooth Loss

Of course, children must lose their baby teeth. However, a variety of issues, such as decay, injury, or inadequate jaw space can cause teeth to be lost too early. During early tooth loss, neighboring teeth can shift. As a result, permanent teeth may come in at an angle. This can then lead to improper chewing and TMJ. To correct early tooth loss, a space maintainer may be suggested by your dentist to hold open space for the lost tooth until a permanent one erupts.

Can a pediatric dentistry in Plantation help my child's early tooth loss?

Are You Seeking Pediatric Dentistry in Plantation for an Early Childhood Dental Concern?

At Jacaranda Smiles, we believe each child is special and has specific needs. Our aim is to address those needs fully in order to give them a lifelong, healthy smile. With our high standards of care for our patients and their families, you can expect love, compassion, and respect in a healthy, friendly, and professional environment. Contact our office today to give your child their best smile!

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