Orthodontist in Plantation | How Early Can My Child Get Braces?

Orthodontist in Plantation | How Early Can My Child Get Braces?

When most people think of braces, they think of their teen years. However, if your child has severely crooked teeth, you might be wondering how early is too early for braces. While braces are generally suited for adolescents, there are no specific rules when a child can receive braces. For more information on braces, contact our orthodontist in Plantation!

Early Evaluation

It’s important for your child to receive an orthodontic evaluation at an early age. Once their first adult teeth start to appear, the orthodontist can check for any potential future issues. Such as protruding teeth or a misaligned bite. The earlier these issues are confronted, the easier it is to get the teeth and jaw adapted to corrective devices.

the Typical Age for Braces

Most children get braces between 10 and 14 years of age when the percentage of their adult teeth have come in. This is typically when patients receive typical metal braces. This phase lasts typically two years. However, the amount of time truly depends on the individual patient and the amount of correction that is required.

Why Get Braces?

Many people have the misconception that braces are solely for cosmetic purposes. However, while braces will enhance appearance, braces also correct oral health-related issues. For example, some issues include a protruding jaw or malocclusion. Also, if your child has very crooked teeth, proper oral hygiene can be a challenge.

Orthodontist in Plantation

A straight smile, and consequently a healthy mouth, starts with an evaluation of your child’s teeth by their orthodontist. Contact Jacaranda Smiles today to see if orthodontics can help advance your child’s smile.

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