Orthodontic Specialists of Florida | Keeping Braces Clean
Where can I find orthodontic specialists of Florida?

Orthodontic Specialists of Florida | Keeping Braces Clean

While getting braces form orthodontic specialists of Florida can greatly help your child’s oral health, it can also be very frustrating when it comes to oral hygiene. Motivate your child to practice good oral care habits after receiving their braces, and give some of the following tips along the way.

How Can I Help My Child Keep Their Braces Clean?

Encourage Brushing Often and for LongerFood has a tendency to get caught in and around the brackets of braces, so try to encourage your child to brush after every meal. It will take some extra time to carefully brush around each bracket to clear trapped food and plaque build-up, but it is crucial in the long run to do so. If your child can’t brush after eating, have them rinse out their mouth by swishing water to minimize plaque build-up.

The front surface of the teeth will be tricky for your child to brush. Tell them to first brush the braces. Then have them brush the part of the tooth nearest to the gumline, angling the brush towards the gums. After, the lower third of the tooth is brushed by angling the toothbrush up toward the bracket. The inside surface of their teeth and the biting surface of the teeth should also be brushed.

Provide Special Brushes – An electric toothbrush is more effective at plaque removal and is highly recommended for those who wear braces. A proxa brush, which is a small, pipe-cleaner looking type of toothbrush, is also very helpful. It can be used to loosen plaque that is trapped around the bracket by easily sliding under the wire. It is also a good size for carrying while out and about during the day, just in case food gets stuck.

Promote Flossing – Flossing will take longer than your child is used to, and will seem complicated. However, a common tool known as a floss threader easily loops floss behind the wires of braces and give the ability to floss normally.

Will orthodontic specialits of Florida help keep my child's teeth clean?

Where Can I Find Orthodontic Specialists of Florida?

If you’re seeking orthodontic specialists of Florida for your child, Jacaranda Smiles offers a wide array of braces and appliances to provide the best possible treatment customized to his or her needs. We combine the highest standards of care through advanced technology with a knowledgeable and experienced team. Contact us today to schedule a consultation for your child!

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