Cavities in Baby Teeth | Pediatric Dentist
Cavities in baby teeth.

Cavities in Baby Teeth | Pediatric Dentist

One of the more common misconceptions I encounter as a pediatric dentist is the thought that children cannot get cavities. Many parents don’t bring in children for their first exam until 4years or older because to do so prior to this age is pointless since they believe children cannot get caries. Baby teeth can get cavities and young children can develop dental infections. Baby tooth decay is a serious, infectious and transmissible disease. The only components needed to create tooth decay is a tooth, sugar and the bacteria that create cavities. Children begin to get teeth at 7 months while sugar is regularly introduced by common foods such as milk and juice at early ages as well. Bacteria can be transmitted from parent to child and consequently provide all the factors needed to develop decay. The good news is that dental caries are preventable. Early intervention and regular visits to the pediatric dentist can reduce the chances of tooth decay.

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Created: Jun 16 2016

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