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Blessing Bags

We had an outstanding response for our blessing bags request! Thank you all so much! Drs. Khakhria and Rene would like to single out a couple of donors specifically for the effort t they went to in order to organize … Continue reading

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Share a Smile and Get Rewarded!

The biggest compliment you could give us is your referral. Jacaranda Smiles team truly values each one of our patients and would love for you to share your experience with others! As a reward to you, we are currently offering … Continue reading

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Meet Geronimo!

During National Dental Health Month, the Jacaranda Smiles team visited schools in the community for the past few weeks teaching kids about healthy snack choices and the many ways to keep their smiles healthy. A very special guest joined the … Continue reading

Meet Dr Rene

Meet Dr. Rene

What is the favorite part about your job? As a young child I remember being afraid of the dentist. I guess it was all the sounds, smells and instruments that were not familiar to me. When I reached the age … Continue reading

Meet Dr Khakhria

Meet Dr. Khakhria

What is your favorite part about your job? Meeting and becoming friends with so many families over extended periods. Acting as a positive part of their lives and leaving them with a smile to remember me by for the rest … Continue reading

Importance of the Airway

Importance of the Airway

Why does the airway matter? Just as food and water are important to the growth and development of our children, so is being able to supply their cells with oxygen. This means we need a clear and wide air pipe … Continue reading

Dental Laser Treatment

Laser Dental Treatment

A laser is a device that emits a beam of light so intense that is can vaporize tissue and bacteria. Lasers were invented in the early 1960s and have been used in medical and dental surgeries since the 1980s. Recent … Continue reading

Orthodontics for Adults

Orthodontic Therapy for Adults

Many adults are under the impression it is too late for them to undergo orthodontic therapy. Guess what – teeth can move at any age!!!! Many adults were unable to undergo orthodontic correction at a younger age for a multitude … Continue reading